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Behind all the headlines for the wrong reasons lies one of southern Africa's most beautiful countries.

Despite being forced to sacrifice so much, Zimbabweans have not lost their humour or resolve. With so few visiting the country, those who do can expect royal treatment.

While the world's media focuses on the fall of Zimbabwe, visitors will see a very different image of the country. From the absolute wilderness of Mana Pools National Park, the ruins of Great Zimbabwe and the mountains looking over Mozambique in Eastern Zimbabwe, to fine dining in Harare or bungee jumping over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe offers something for everyone.

Zimbabwe is no longer nearly as cheap as it once was, but its richness in culture and colour remain. Colonialism remains etched in all sorts of ways, but local traditions are visible.

If you're willing to join a tour group, or pay and plan your own trip, then a country of charm, political intrigue and magnificent wilderness awaits. Oh, and Zimbabwe's got one of the world's best climates .... even the worst government can't destroy that.

5 Star
  1. Victoria Falls Hotel
4 Star