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Monkeyland & Birds of Eden Plettenberg Bay

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Have both of these fascinating experiences in one place!


Monkeyland is the worlds first free roaming multi-specie primate sanctuary.

Monkeyland opened its doors to the public on the 6th of April 1998. Our unique primate sanctuary is currently the top eco-tourism attraction on the Garden Route and for very sound and sunny reasons. Monkeyland has captured the hearts of visitors in its efforts to rehabilitate and free previously caged primates. The sanctuary is exceptional as it caters for several species of primateswho are not caged. They are free to move about the forest and this they do most harmoniously.

At Monkeyland, the emphasis on searching for the primates, and the reward is to see the various species as they are meant to be: free and in a natural habitat. The transfer of information about these fascinating creatures enhances your visit to the sanctuary during a safari. The safaris are conducted by multi-lingual game rangers and are fun, exciting and educational. Our guests leave our sanctuary with a greater understanding of the primates of the world and the threats they
are facing.

On the guided safaris you can expect to see a variety of primates, ranging from the Gibbons of Asia to the Lemurs of Madagascar. The knowledgeable rangers will tell you all about these fascinating mammals as you encounter them roaming free in the forest. They also point out, identify and explain the many wonders of life in the forest, from the rich diversity of bird life to the intricate workings of the forest itself.
Meet our primates of Monkeyland

By working with Touch a Monkeys Heart Foundation, a non-profit making foundation, Monkeyland has secured the future of all the primates which reach the sanctuary. Apart from being the sole custodian of all the primates at Monkeyland, the Foundation is also responsible for the development and implementation of the Eden Syndrome, which is the process used at Monkeyland to prepare previously caged primates for their eventual release into the sanctuary.

Awareness of the worlds environmental problems is increasing all the time and we believe that Monkeyland, as a center of conservation, can be an important educational resource in this field. Situated in an eco-sensitive location, 16 km East of Plettenberg Bay, Monkeyland has found its niche and works hand in hand with interest groups to enhance conservation-orientated tourism in the area. In doing so, Monkeyland helps to preserve the Garden Route's natural beauty. Monkeylands prime location on 23 hectares of indigenous forest and the free-roaming aspect of the sanctuary enable us to convey a positive environmental message in ways that are both interesting and memorable to all age groups.

Rate: Combo price with Birds of Eden is from
R 190.00 for adults and R 95.00 for children



Imagine a single birdcage spanning an entire forest valley. An unrealistic dream? Well, come to the Garden Route in South Africa and see for yourself. This is the worlds largest free flight aviary, the new Birds of Eden Bird Sanctuary situated outside Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape, South Africa.

This sanctuary opened its gates to the public on December 15, 2005 and houses approximately 3000 birds of 220 different species from different continents.

The unique two hectare dome (the Worlds largest) spans over a gorge of indigenous forest. The sanctuary has its own mysterious ruin, which incorporates a walk-behind waterfall. Another feature is its amphitheatre, which has the ability to seat over 200 visitors. The sanctuary's dome incorporates the ability to synthesise thunder and create short spells of rain from an irrigation system in the dome structure. Roofed viewpoints within the gorge have been erected for use during these brief rain storms.

Like Monkeyland, the popular primate sanctuary next-door, Birds of Eden boasts its own canopy walk, while shorter than the 128m bridge at Monkeyland, it hangs above the clouds. The decision to develop Birds of Eden stems from the need to create a safe environment in which to release a large collection of free-flight African birds, miniature monkeys and the sanctuary also enables bird owners to apply to release their pet birds into the sanctuary, after undergoing rehabilitation.

Rate: Combo price with Birds of Eden is from
R 190.00 for adults and R 95.00 for children


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