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Shark Cage diving in South Africa

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So, do you have the nerve? Do you want an adrenelin rush! Jaws never looked better!!!!

Approximately 2 hours east of Cape Town lies the quaint seaside village of Gans Bay - only 30 minutes from Hermanus, the whale watching capital of the world.

Now we have the No.1 Great White Shark cage dive viewing in the world!

People may think this is scary - its isn't. It's a mind blowing adrenelin rush that you'll talk about for years to come.

A 30 minute trip out to sea, lower the cage, put on the wet suit and then climb into the cage - no snorkel or air tanks needed - it's that easy with the pros.

The skipper shouts down right - you pull yourself down by the bars and there it is! Coming in from you right is a beautiful, awesome 3.5 meter long Great White - you have no idea how to feel!

A couple of hours later you're back on dry land and viewing the video that you can purchase showing you that perfect moment again.

Oh yes - you'll be back again someday!


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