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Health & medical requirements

No compulsory health requirements are in force if traveling to South Africa. However, if travel is made to Tanzania & Zanzibar then passengers are required to hold valid Yellow Fever certificates. Most Health departments worldwide would recommend that protection against tetanus, polio, hepatitis A and typhoid be taken. We must emphasise that because requirements may change at short notice you are responsible for ensuring that you take advice from your GP or appropriate medical authority.

Please note that the following table below is a general guide and that you must check with your country specidic for any changes or additional guidelines. In the UK, please visit or your Doctor before traveling. Further information on Malaria and its prevention and treatment are available from .

For USA clients, please visit should you wish to have additional information.

Again, we would like to advise clients that we suggest you have adequate travel insurance to cover any medical needs you think you may require.


Country Hepatitis A Polio & Typhoid* Malaria Yellow Fever Other
Botswanas - R A - -
Kenya R R E3 R -
Lesotho R - E3 - -
Madagascar - R R E3 -
Maldives R - E3 - -
Mauritius R A E3 M -
Mozambique R R E3 M -
Namibia R R A E3 -
Seychelles R - E4 - -
South Africa R - E3 - -
Swaziland R - E3 - -
Tanzania R - E3 R M
Uganda R R E3 R M
Zambia R R R - -
Zimbabwe R A E3 - -


* Immunisation against typhoid may be less important for short stays in first class conditions
E Immunisation is an essential requirement for entry to the country concerned and you will require a certificate
E1 Immunisation essential except for infants under one year (but note the advice above).
E2 Immunisation essential (except for infants under one year) unless arriving from non-infected areas and staying for less than two weeks. The UK is a non-infected area, but if travelling via equatorial Africa or South America, seek medical advice.
E3 Immunisation essential if the traveller arrives from an infected country or area (this will not apply if your journey is direct from the UK). The lower age limit varies.
E4 Immunisation essential if arriving within 6 days of having visited an infected country.
R Immunisation or tablets recommended for protection against disease, but note that for Yellow Fever pregnant women and infants under nine months should not normally be immunised and therefore should avoid exposure to infection.
M Meningitis, depending on area visited and time of year