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Money and exchange rates

Most hotels now accept credit cards but always have some cash (UK £ or US $) or local currency available. Traveller's cheques are useful. All but the most remote game lodges/camps now accept credit cards. Visa and MasterCard are generally free of commission charges but some may charge a fee for Amex transactions.

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In South Africa in particular there is a good coverage of ATM Autobank facilities throughout the country from which you can withdraw cash. ATM access also applies to a lesser extent in Namibia and Botswana. Ensure that you have a PIN number that can be used overseas. As a general rule, due to Forex restrictions in many African and Indian Ocean counties, it is often better to exchange your money in your home country prior to departure as it saves time, queuing and form filling.

Remember that if you are travelling in South Africa garages do not accept Credit Cards for Petrol but cash only. The Rand is the currency of South Africa.

We suggest that you take your spending money in the form of UK Sterling or US Dollar Travellers Cheques but a little cash is always necessary.

Current Exchange Rate for the UK Sterling is between ZAR 10.00 and ZAR 14.00.

Current Exchange Rate for the US Dollar is between ZAR 6.00 and ZAR 8.00

Current Exchange Rate for the Euro between ZAR 8.00 and ZAR 10.00

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