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Weather information

The weather patterns in the four regions of Southern Africa are quite different. Below we have summarized each region but for day to day detailed weather, you can visit This will give you up to the minute forecasts as well as historical data. All the regions have weather patterns suitable for all year round adventure travel but as you’re in the Southern Hemisphere the general rule is summer between December and February, autumn is March to May, winter from June to August and spring is from September to November.

Western Cape

Western Cape has a distinct Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, moist winters. Near the coast, summer temperatures range from a pleasant low of 15°C to highs of 27°C. Inland temperatures are some 3 to 5 degrees higher, making for gorgeous summer days and nights. Coastal winters see the mercury dropping to a mild 7°C at night – rising to a comfortable 18°C by day. Away from the beach, morning arrives at an invigorating 5°C, with midday temperatures in the region of 22°C. There will be days when the southeaster blows (nicknamed the Cape Doctor) and there will be days when it rains, but frequently between this, the weather is perfect.

Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape is a more temperate climate region. The coastal area lies directly between the subtropical conditions of KwaZulu Natal and the Mediterranean conditions of the Western Cape, while its inland area is bisected by the great escarpment resulting in the southern reaches defined by a series of rivers and corresponding wetland fauna and flora, while the northern areas are those of the altitudinous plains of the Plateau and great Karoo. These topographical differences are what cause the climatic differences and conditions experienced by the towns and cities within these areas. As a general rule the region enjoys a daily average of +/- 7-8 hours of sunshine annually. In winter (from April to August) the temperatures range from 7 to 20ºC. In summer the temperatures range from 16 to 26ºC. On the whole the weather in the Eastern Cape is good to visitors, rarely reaching extremes, except perhaps in the height of the Karoo summer

Kwazulu Natal

Kwazulu Natal is the sub-tropical climate region visitor can look forward to a splendid climate. The largest city, Durban enjoys warmth and sunshine very occasionally mixed with light, steady rainfall. The air can be heavy with humidity and the subtropical latitude of the city brings with it long, hot summers with rainfall, and very mild winters.

The region boasts an average of 320 days of sunshine a year. Temperatures range from 16 to 25ºC in winter and from 23 to 33ºC during the summer months. January is generally the hottest month, with an average daily temperature of +/- 32ºC. The warm Mozambique current flowing along the coast means wonderfully warm bathing throughout the year, the water seldom falling below 17ºC even in the middle of winter. With these conditions, it’s no accident that Durban is considered the “holiday city” of KwaZulu Natal.

Northern Provinces

Northern Provinces actually encompasses a number of smaller regions; Mpumalanga in the east, Limpopo in the north, Gauteng in the south and North West itself. The whole region is on average 2000 meters above sea level on a huge plateau.

As a general rule the whole area has a delightfully mild climate, neither humid nor too hot for comfort. There are about six weeks of chill in mid-winter (from July to August). Summer, offering warm African sunshine followed by balmy nights, runs from October to March. The seasons are flexible, one running into the next, and summer habitually spills over into spring and autumn. The nights can be chilly particularly in winter. Bring a jacket to wear in the evenings. The rainy season is in summer rather than winter. Rainstorms are often harsh accompanied by much thunder and lightning and occasional hail, but they are brief and followed by warm sunshine. Average daily temperatures in summer are around 25ºC whilst in winter it averages 15ºC.